It was only natural that the influence of mining would be evidenced in my work. Over the years I have lived & travelled to many remote outback locations with my husband for his work as a modern exploration geologist & miner.

Whenever I visited the old Mt Cuthbert smelter site I was struck by the industry that once was & the ghosts of the families & men who had worked there. Little or no sanitation, flies & incredible heat was part of their daily lives. Today the rusty relics of the past litter the area, lying where they have fallen.

Many of the quilts use original created fabric made from oil stick rubbings of daily objects of the last century such as an 8 pint cooking pot, bucket, stocking suspender hook, sewing machine treadle, carnival glass & English tobacco tins found on the site.

Exploration Women of Mt Cuthbert Past Dobbyn Headframe They Came for Copper Hard as Nails Copper Fire

Mining Series by Sue Dennis