Taking Leaf of My Senses

When an exhibition is finally hung and you stand back to view it, it is with a sense of relief and satisfaction that the hard work was worth it.

Interlude By the Pond Guardian #1 Guardian #2 Grand Canyon Memories Contemplation
The Many & the Few Grassland Scape Shake the Tree Moonlight Leaf Song #1
Necklace#1 Necklace#2 Necklace#3 Necklace#4 Necklace#5 Necklace#8
Necklace#9 Necklace#10 Necklace#11 Leaf Song #1 Leaf Song #2 Leaf Song #3

My exhibition TAKING LEAF of my SENSES began taking shape well before the opening night of July 4, 2012 at the Warwick Art Gallery, Queensland.

The technique of direct printing with foliage is one I fell in love with many years ago so work from 2006 to 2012, was shown and both Australian and North American  flora were represented.

Taking Leaf of my Senses
Not only my travels but also my garden is an inspiration. Shake the Tree uses the Custard Apple tree leaves from my garden that the insects love to eat, resulting in lacy patterns.

These humble leaves are transformed via paint, fabric and stitch into a unique snapshot of place and time.
In all 23 pieces were exhibited and the exhibition was extended by a week, closing on August 26, 2012. 11 art quilts, 9 framed pieces from the Necklace series, a 3 panel installation and a video made up the exhibition, which was opened by Janet De Boer OAM, arts administrator and editor of Textile Fibre Forum magazine.

Janet asked the audience to,”...do something I call “Slow Viewing” (kind of an adaptation of Slow Cooking). Take your time. Look into the surfaces, let them do their work on you just as they did when Sue was creating them, responding to the blending of colours, the emergence of images, the impact of the immediate in her surroundings.

Sue understands how to transform materials into images that engage with the viewer.

I invite you to do some slow viewing of your own.

Taking Leaf of My Senses Installation Taking Leaf of My Senses Installation Taking Leaf of My Senses Installation Taking Leaf of My Senses Installation Taking Leaf of My Senses Installation